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Why I Chose Dinner Parties

by Debbie Soo May 11, 2016

I know that when I was working full time as a food editor back in Hong Kong, I loved the idea of having people over for dinner. I'd send out a message to a few people (very few, considering my apartment was probably smaller than my New York one!), and look forward to the date with anticipation. But inevitably, work and life always got in the way, and I'd get to the day of the dinner with a) no menu b) no ingredients and c) no time. Pulling off a successful meal usually involved several frantic trips to a multitude of grocery stores and a fallback recipe that I'd made many times in the past – something simple and easy. As a result, I rarely got to make that Ottolenghi recipe I had earmarked for months, or that complex Vietnamese creation that requires days of pickling and marinating. 


Given the difficulty of hosting a dinner party, it's safe to say they were often the exception and not the norm. Nonetheless, they remained my favorite way to dine as both a host and guest. There's something so remarkably intimate about sharing a meal together at somebody's home; there's no waiting in line in the cold or blazing heat for a table, there's nobody breathing down your neck waiting for you to relinquish said table, there's no stress about what the final tally of the bill will amount to ... I could go on. Instead, comfortable, cosy and relaxed, dinner party environments (often supplied by a steady stream of non-marked up wine) often lead to inspired conversation, unimpeded by the interruption of strangers and the like. 

So it is with great happiness and pride that I unveil Feastive – a dinner party solution for busy New Yorkers. We plan, we source, we prep and we deliver everything to your doorstep, making entertaining a breeze. The menu is composed of food I have always loved to eat, and is crafted specifically to encourage diners to interact and bond over their Feastive experience. Hosts unbox their kit to reveal all the ingredients they will need for their meal – prepped, portioned and marinated – with the final steps saved for their home kitchens. Our exotic fare delivers the joy of discovery associated with dining out combined with the comforts of staying in and bringing a home-cooked meal to life. And the best part? Compared to having the meal catered or delivered, bragging rights are all yours. 


Debbie Soo
Debbie Soo


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