What does Feastive Mean?

What does Feastive Mean?

May 18, 2016

I've heard that naming your company is often a harder exercise than naming your child, and though I have yet to have a real baby (Feastive is my current one), I am inclined to believe this statement is 100% true. I struggled with naming my company for months, throwing ideas back and forth and brainstorming like a crazy woman in a mad effort to find the perfect name. What word encapsulated the heartwarming feeling you get when you gather around a table with friends and family, that sensation that accompanies digging into a lovingly-prepared meal at somebody's home, the intimacy that follows as the conversation and wine flow freely, and the satisfaction that sets in after an evening of delicious indulgence?

Nothing. There is no one word in the English language that perfectly sums up all of those feelings one experiences at a dinner party. 

It finally came to me one fruitful but otherwise uneventful afternoon, as I sat thinking about something completely unrelated. I distinctly remember just sitting there and staring off into space when it sauntered into my thoughts ...


It was so fitting that I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of it before. It is, of course, a completely made-up word, but then again it's very possible that one of my M.O's in life is to add to the gastronomical lexicon. 

Feastive is all about celebrating the joy of eating. It is a nod to the home cooks who have toiled away in their kitchens to put on incredible meals for their guests. It's about festive feasts that exist beyond national holidays. And most importantly, it's a name for a company that aims to bring people together over shared dining experiences. By making dinner parties more convenient to plan and easy to execute, I truly hope to have Feastive become a regularly-used term in people's vernaculars. Get Feastive tonight, tomorrow night, this weekend, and eat happy.