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by Debbie Soo June 14, 2016

Last week, Feastive collaborated with luxury lifestyle blogger Christina Nielsen to throw a fabulous rooftop fête for her closest friends. Christina recently launched her blog as an homage to everything that she is most passionate about in life. From food to travel, Christina's discerning taste and love for discovery are beautifully chronicled on her site. 

To toast the launch of her blog and the glorious arrival of warm, sunny days in New York, we decided that her rooftop in the West Village would be the perfect venue for a beginning-of-summer dinner party. Set against the glowing backdrop of the Manhattan skyline, the girls sat down for their Feastive meal. Christina selected Feastive's make-your-own-temaki menu; an ideal choice for warmer weather, as it offers a refreshing and light combination of ingredients. 

The meal began with Feastive's signature chilled tofu, together with a crispy summer salad with grated carrots. Our temaki spread followed, and the girls had a fun and flavorful time crafting their own sushi hand rolls. Some of them were on cleanses or diets, so opted to leave the rice and some of the mayo out of their rolls – but that's what I love so much about this meal and what we offer at Feastive. The ability to customize based on individual preferences is a quality you can find in all of our menu options.  

We headed indoors for dessert, but not before cracking open more bottles of rosé. After a few glasses, the Matcha Surprise was rolled out. I had a lot of fun putting this specialty dessert spread together, and it was a mega hit! I paired black sesame, green tea and Earl Grey ice cream with red bean, mochi, soy bean cake and matcha Oreos and let everybody build their own parfaits. The coming together of the separate elements was truly Feastive, and quite honestly, a perfect way to wrap-up the food portion of the evening. Of course, the drinks continued well into the night, and the conversation flowed wonderfully.

After all ... that's the beauty of dinner parties. 


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Debbie Soo
Debbie Soo


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