VSCO x Feastive

VSCO x Feastive

November 10, 2016

VSCO celebrated their most recent supper club series this October with a 30-person meal catered by Feastive. While our primary focus is on providing meal kits for dinner parties, we do offer catering services for a select group of private clients. With their Oakland coworkers in town, VSCO wanted to celebrate everybody coming together with a family-style meal set up right in their Manhattan offices. 

Our menu for the evening featured dishes from a range of current Feastive menu options. We decided to start off on a lighter note, with a first course of our chilled tofu as well as a sweet-meets-savory sesame spinach. 

Continuing on the Asian theme for the evening, the main courses were comprised of our panko-crusted salmon temaki rolls and delicious bulgogi sliders. The best part about trying more than one of our meals is that you have even more ingredients to have fun with! It was so great to see people getting creative and building hand rolls filled with our bulgogi beef (kimbap party!) or making salmon sliders.

A healthy dose of pickles and fresh-cut scallions provided a welcome kick of spice and acid.

And for dessert, we set up our signature Japanese-inspired ice cream bar with matcha, black sesame and red bean ice cream and invited everyone to load up with a range of toppings consisting of our favorite cookies and candies from when we were little. Lotte Koalas, Pocky sticks and Oreo's were paired with mochi, matcha chocolates and more. Check out our video to see it in its entirety!


The VSCO team was amazing to work with and we had the best time catering this instalment in their supper club series.

Til' next time ...