The Feastive Ice Cream Party

Summer's in the city, and we're beating the heat with an exclusive ice cream kit we've created with our friends at Malai and The Konery! This ice-cream-party-in-a-box promises the sweetest of summers. Celebrating the rich spices and nostalgic flavors intrinsic to Asian and South Asian cuisine, our kit comes with three pints of Malai's handcrafted, premium ice cream. The fun continues with two flavors of waffle cones from Brooklyn-based specialists The Konery along with a host of gourmet sundae toppings.

Dig into a delicious Salted Browned Butter Pecan, a bold Turkish Coffee, and a Feastive x Malai special – a delicious malted Horlicks flavor (imagine a light salted caramel ... it's delicious, we promise). We've paired the pints with a crunchy, delicious selection of some of the Konery's most sought after varieties: original Vanilla and a stunning Blue Corn. And our toppings? From pecans to Pocky to pretzels, this kit is lit. 

What's In The Kit? 

  • 3 Pints of Malai's premium ice cream: Salted Butter Pecan, Turkish Coffee, Horlicks
  • 4 Konery Vanilla cones + 4 Konery Blue Corn cones
  • Dark chocolate pretzels
  • Pocky selection
  • Chocolate cigars
  • Crushed pecans
  • Coconut flakes

Serving Size: Groups of 8 to 10.