About Us

Feastive is a new food delivery service that makes dinner parties an enticing and accessible option for busy New Yorkers. We believe that the best meals are shared, and there are few things more heartwarming and intimate than a meal spent at home. By taking the stress out of planning, shopping, and prepping an intricate or exotic meal, we encourage people to entertain more often and to try new fare – Feastive urges home cooks to prepare dishes outside of their comfort zone. All of our meals are made to be enjoyed as a group, as our founding values embrace that sense of discovery that comes with sharing food and new dining experiences.
Hosting doesn’t need to be a hassle; Feastive is ringing in the new age of dinner parties.

Private Events & Cooking Classes

Feastive also offers boutique catering services as well as intimate cooking classes for private clients.

Our cooking classes focus on demystifying exotic fare and are ideally suited for small-scale parties and corporate bonding events. We specialize in distilling the cooking process into simple steps to teach our students how to master Asian favorites. From dumplings to wontons and spring rolls to hot sauces, our subject matter will make you a more confident and well-rounded home chef. Plus, they're fun!

    Similarly, our catering menu draws inspiration from our own menu of experiential delights to offer clients a broad selection of regional cuisines and unique fare.

    For quotes and further information regarding our cooking classes or Feastive catering please get in touch at info@feastive.com.


    All food photography by the amazing Josephine Rozman and Devon Knight.