Feastive is the best of both worlds – you get to cook dinner with friends and family and there is no trip to the grocery store necessary. It arrives on your doorstep, ready to go!  I enjoyed Feastive for dinner with 8 of my closest friends at my apartment. We had the Kobe beef bulgogi sliders (incredible!) and the salmon temaki rolls (also amazing). The process was simple. The directions were ready for us and everything was packaged separately so we could easily identify what was what. The best part was the quality of the ingredients; high-end meat and premium seafood are important to me. Unlike other food delivery services, Feastive offers interesting and good quality fare. You know what you’re getting and it tastes just the way it looks – delicious. I can’t wait to do it again!    

- Bray K.  Brooklyn

Feastive has redefined the New York dinner party experience, fusing gastronomic intimacy with fuss-free preparation.  For a foodie like myself, who loves sharing a unique meal with others but is often strapped for time due to a busy work schedule, Feastive provides easily accessible, stress-free cooking with delivery right to your door.  What could be better than that?! 
The pressure of being the "hostess with the mostest" has become non-existent with Feastive. Their meals are always fresh, culturally diverse and full of flavor.  The make-your-own salmon sushi was out of this world. With the ability to mix and match your toppings from spicy mayonnaise, tobiko, avocado, cucumbers and more, the menu becomes less dictated as per many other delivery services, and more of a make-your-own adventure.  Feastive is a perfect excuse to stay in and release your inner bon vivant.  Highly recommended. Feastive does not disappoint.    

- Christina N. West Village
Not being an experienced cook, I’ve tried it all: Seamless, Caviar, Blue Apron and Maple. But then I heard about Feastive, which was immediately different, unique and perfect for my dinner party. Given our party size of 8, I ordered two different meals – the bulgogi sliders and the chicken vermicelli bowls – which was more than enough food. The directions were straightforward and the ingredients were fully prepared, making the “cooking” part easy, fun and best of all, delicious. Make sure to get the bulgogi sliders – they were amazing. I will definitely be hosting my next dinner party with Feastive!      

 - Michael P. 
 I almost want to keep Feastive a secret because it's the key to entertaining well. If you want to save time and money while still having large groups of friends over for dinner, then Feastive is your go-to solution. This is the best and most unique food delivery service I have discovered in NYC so far!

I love that you can rent the cooking machines but the selection of easy to set up menus is just awesome. We tried the raclette and the produce that came with the set was top quality and all my guests could not stop raving about it. Can't wait to try the other menus!

 - Steph L. 

I‘ve only had the most wonderful experiences with Feastive. The temaki was absolutely delicious and such a fun activity to do with friends. The Kobe beef sliders are out of this world. If you are having a small group over or even a big dinner party, Feastive is the way to go.

- Kate V.  Brooklyn 


Feastive is a wonderful culinary experience, perfect for someone like myself who loves hosting people but does not always have the time or creativity to cook up a big meal. I have ordered from them 3 times in the last two months, and all three meals (bulgogi sliders, make-your-own temaki, and chicken vermicelli) were unique and VERY delicious! The amount of preparation required for each meal was just right - short enough to allow me to catch up with my guests, but long enough to feel as though I had a meaningful hand in the final product. Ultimately, the entire experience was very positive, leaving myself and all my guests with a big smile on our faces. Five stars for Feastive! 

- Freddy K.  West Village

My first experience hosting a Feastive dinner at home was easy, fun, and delicious! I ordered the Vietnamese chicken vermicelli bowls and everything came portioned and neatly packaged. Easy - all I had to do was cook the chicken, boil the noodles, and put the spring rolls in the oven (no frying, yay!). Fun - super quick "prep" and the rest of the magic happened outside on the dining table where everyone got involved and assembled bowls to their own liking: more noodles, less veggies, more cilantro, etc. I don't think I would have made this dish on my own but Feastive provided every element of the meal to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Delicious - the portions were generous and the flavors were excellent! Can't wait to try the other meals and reorder this one in the future!

- Carmen C.  Brooklyn