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the new dinner party

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  Feastive was born from a love of gastronomy.
Inspired by the power of food as a vehicle for human connection
and discovery, our meal kit experience encourages 
New Yorkers to entertain more often.


Feastive is a new food delivery service that makes dinner parties a realistic option for busy New Yorkers. By taking the stress out of planning and prepping an intricate or exotic meal, we inspire people to host in a more frequent and fascinating way – our meals are always easy-to-prepare (ready in 30 minutes or less), exciting and made for sharing. The customizable nature of our creations makes catering to dietary restrictions a breeze. Hosting doesn't need to be a hassle; Feastive is ringing in the new age of dinner parties.
Fresh, flavorful and fun, Feastive delivers a seamless cooking and dining experience for your next gathering. Frantic recipe hunting and last minute trips to the grocery store are things of the past; everything you need for your next dinner party is inside your Feastive box!
You’ll find perfectly portioned sauces, toppings and accompaniments alongside pre-marinated meats and clean, ready-to-go seafood. We’ve sourced the best possible ingredients and prepped everything for your convenience, saving the final steps for your home kitchen.

Simply Feastive

 Engaging creations meant to inspire your taste buds.
Priced from $20/person, our meals are ideal for parties of four or more.

The Feastive Dumpling Kit Has Landed

Priced at $30/Kit

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